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Hager offers a complete range of products and systems for electrical distribution in professional buildings as well as the home. The underlying idea of these solutions is to benefit our customers, Hager's product/ solution offerings in India include the LV final distribution products like MCCBs, MCBs, RCDs, Distribution boards, control devices for lighting management and Home automation.


Hager MCBs dealer

Comprehensive range offering reliable solution for protection of installations against over-current.

  • Conforms to IS / IEC 60898- • Ratings – 0.5 to 63 1:2002, IEC 60898 - 1995 • No. of poles – 1P, 2P, 3P & 4P
  • Tripping characteristics – B, • Breaking capacity – 10kA C & D curves (as per IS/IEC 60898)
  • ISI Marking


Hager dealer

Contemporary range with user friendly features to ensure earthleakage protection.Make your homes and equipments safe from harmful accidental currents.

  • Conforms to IS 12640-1:2008, • Ratings - 16A, 25A, 40A, 63A,IEC 61008-1:2012 100A
  • No. of poles - 2P & 4P • Sensitivity - 10mA, 30mA,
  • Trip class - class AC and 100mA & 300mA class Hi • Protection against nuisance
  • ISI marking tripping caused by switching Transients

Modular changeover switches

Hager MCBs dealer

Allows changeover from electricity boards supply to generator supply & vice-versa

  • Rating: 25A & 40A

Novello distribution boards

Hager RCDs dealers
  • Patented gland plate locking system with minimal screws
  • Patented IP2X neutral terminals with flexible position on the chassis
  • Lab certified IP43 protection in double door versions. Achieved by dual neoprene gasket between door, frame & wall box
  • Spirit level to ensure accurate & professional alignment of wall box
  • Double packaging for door protection until installation is complete
  • Reusable cable management kit
  • Site upgradable door handle with key lock facility

MCCBs 16 to 1600A

Hager MCBs dealer

MCCBs provides safe and easy solution for low voltage electrical circuit protection. The state of the art circuit breakers offer both designers and installers wide range of features and benefits.

  • Conforms to IEC 60947-2
  • 6 frame sizes: x160, x250
  • Breaking capacity (Icu): 18, h250, h630, h1000, h1600 25, 40, 50, 65, 70 kA
  • Thermal magnetic
  • 3 pole and 4 Poles electronic trip units
  • Current limiting type (Cat A)
  • Complete range of accessories

Automatic changeover with current limiter - SPN & TPN

Hager RCDs dealers
  • Standard: IEC 60947 - 3, IEC 60947 - 6
  • Type: SPN Modular
  • Voltage: 150VAC to 300VAC
  • Mains Rating: 30A
  • Genset Rating: 1.5 to 20A
  • Type : TPN/TPN & TPN/SPNA
  • Supply voltage: 3Phase, 415VAC
  • Line Voltage: 150VAC to 300VAC
  • Main Rating 40A, 63A
  • Genset rating : 6 to 63A

Time switches

Hager dealers

Time switches are used in residential, commercial and industrial premises to improve comfort and save energy by switching loads automatically as per real time.

  • Range: Mechanical daily, weekly, digital daily, weekly, astronomical timer, yearly timer
  • Easy programming using keypad on product or using programming software
  • Programming of impulses helps in applications like school bells, watering of plants, defrosting refrigerator etc.
  • Holiday mode helps keeping the loads OFF for a pre-defined duration
  • Time switches can be programmed without power supply

Isolating switches

Hager RCDs dealers

AC22A devices used as switch disconnectors in electrical circuit

  • Standard IEC 60974-III • Current Rating 25A - 125A
  • Poles 2P, 3P, 4P • Operating Voltage 415VAC
  • Positions ON-OFF • CE Marking

Over & low voltage release MZ215

Hager MCBs dealer

MZ215 is the ideal solution to protect equipments from over and low voltage problems. Unique modular design and simple wiring makes it convenient to mount in standard enclosures with Hager MCB, RCCB or RCBO.

MZ215 continuously monitors voltage between Phase and Neutral to disconnect when voltage is high or low.

  • Supply Voltage: 230 VAC • Connections: L, N
  • Over Voltage: >267VAC • Low Voltage: 60VAC
  • Terminal Size: 6 sq. mm.(flexible) 10 sq. mm. (rigid)

Presence & movement detectors

Hager dealer

Presence and movement detectors are used to switch on/off electrical loads.

  • Range: Movement detectors, dual lens presence detector, presence sensor with light regulation, wall mounted outdoor movement detector
  • Adjustable off time delay
  • Adjustable lux setting for daylight override function
  • Wider detection area
  • Remote controllability